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COVID Info + Cancellation Policy 

COVID Info + Cancellation Policy 


I realize this might be old news for some, and something you could have googled on your own- but its important for me that you understand what’s happening around COVID regarding travel to and from and within Costa Rica.


Lets process this and then get on with our adventures together! 


COVID-19 and Costa Rica

Citizens/residents from ALL countries are currently allowed to enter Costa Rica by air. If you are planning your travels, there are specific entry requirements that must be met:


  • Fill out the electronic epidemiological Health Pass form, available at (available 48 hours prior to arrival; requires insurance to be purchased ahead of time)

  • For unvaccinated travelers: An insurance policy (options below) meeting the following three criteria:

    • Effectiveness of the policy during the visit to Costa Rica.

    • Guaranteed coverage of COVID-19 related medical expenses, with minimum coverage of $50,000 USD.

    • Includes a minimum coverage of $2,000 USD for lodging expenses as a result of being placed on quarantine if you become ill during your trip.

  • For vaccinated travelers: You are NOT required to show proof of insurance. To qualify:

    • You must have received an approved vaccine: Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Johnson & Johnson.

    • The last dose must have been administered at least 14 days before entering Costa Rica.

    • Proof document that includes the person’s full name, date of each dose, formula, and lot number (for U.S. visitors, the Covid-19 vaccination record card meets the requirement).

Passengers who fail to comply with these requirements may not enter the country.

Upon landing in Costa Rican territory, travelers must wear face protection and comply with the protocols of the airport with regard to physical distancing and taking temperature readings, and must follow any other sanitary instructions. 



U.S. Citizens are required to show proof of a negative covid test result to fly home. More on that here: 


I suggest to bring your own approved test you can administer yourself. Abbot-Binax is an approved brand, and can be found at most US pharmacies. 

If you don’t have a self-test, upon arrival I will take your passport information and departure information and schedule the test for you prior to your departure.



While a RT-PCR COVID-19 test with a negative result is no longer a requirement for entry, please consider the high percentage of cases worldwide that have been asymptomatic — Help slow the spread and protect those most vulnerable. We ask that anyone with a trip planned with us or to the country itself, be mindful of this and consider changing their travel dates if they show ANY signs of the COVID-19 related symptoms and/or if they suspect having come in contact with someone who has/will test positive for the virus. Given that we will all be traveling together in close proximity, we can protect each other by being mindful. My updated Cancellation Policy (below) takes this into consideration; it’s possible to change or refund (90%) your reservation up to your date of arrival. 


  • Unfortunately, arrival testing is not fool-proof and might be taken pre-incubation. We must also acknowledge the potential for travel exposure. While we will not require on-site mask-wearing, we do ask that you respect local guidelines and wear a mask when visiting cafés/restaurants and/or tourist shops in our respective locations. This is to avoid putting yourself, our local neighbors and our team at risk. Working together is key.

  • Please bring your own masks, as we cannot guarantee an extra stock in the jungle.

  • These procedures are subject to change as new measures may be imposed by Costa Rica Ministry of Health




I am navigating the current up-to-date local mandates and will follow all local and federal Ministry of Health laws around covid and public health. And will be updating you in a timely manner prior to your departure for Costa Rica. 

Rest assured that I/my family are taking COVID seriously and will update my policies as needed. The safety of my facilitators and guests is a top priority. 

March 2022 will be my first group adventure since 2019, and I have adopted new policies about cancellations or reservation changes to do my best to both keep my guests and facilitators safe during these tough times. 

  • Chasing Waterfalls has amended the cancellation policy to offer our guests a refund of 95% of all monies received from guests who cannot fulfill their reservation due to COVID symptoms, country closures, local rules and orders, me/my facilitators and guest safety concerns, and/or beach access and availability.

  • Chasing Waterfalls is currently taking reservations for Mama + Daughter and Chasing Waterfalls Adventures under the following conditions:

    • I reserve the right to cancel any reservation up to 24 hours from the arrival date.

    • I will offer a full a 90% refund for any cancellation

    • I require all reserved guests to confirm a lack of COVID symptoms 48 hours from arrival.

    • I cannot offer any COVID related refunds once a guest has arrived.

    • I recommend purchasing refundable/no change fees airline tickets for travel to Costa Rica. 

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