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Grab your yoga mat, swimsuit, and your sense of adventure. Come explore and play in some of our planets most magical waters, jungles, and surf.


I had such an amazing experience! This retreat was such a positive, uplifting adventure that offered me much needed healing during a life transition. Megan and her staff are so caring with warm hearts and smiles. I was truly impressed with the amount of awe-inspiring journeys, along with quality yoga and surfing we did in one week! I have many cherished memories to reflect upon.


 Carrie A.  Graphic Designer

Megan's retreat was one of the best experiences of my adult life. Living amongst primates, swimming in fresh water waterfalls, fresh clean food and waves for days was an experience that provided clarity, time for reflection and needed nourishment for my soul. I highly recommend this adventure of anyone looking to step outside of a busy life, to create space and time for laughter, reflection, joy and a reminder of what's important


Circe W,  Mother of two and Executive Vice President of Wasserman Media Group

Chasing waterfalls was my first ever retreat experience. I was hesitant to go on a structured trip with a bunch of women I didn’t know but it ended up being one of the best trips of my life, and I made friendships that will last a lifetime. Costa Rica is an amazing country and Megan was a perfect guild/trip buddy that knew her stuff. She has truly done the leg work for you so you get to see and experience parts of Costa you wouldn’t even know about. I was so inspired and felt so much love on the trip I ended up spreading my dads ashes with the girls out on our surfboards at sunrise in Matapalo. Needless to say it was a very special trip for me and I’d highly recommend it to anyone. Even if you aren’t a yogi or a surfer, it has a little bit of everything for everyone. 

Lizanne T.  Co-Owner Some of a Kind

Chasing Waterfalls in Costa Rica with one of my heros, beautiful friend and host Megs Porcheron for the last 10 days has been tunreal...hello high vibrations and happiness!!  Spending our final day of this nonstop adventure experience with a spa day covered in locally grown coffee/cocoa/coconut scrub in the mountains by the river...just pure bliss!!

Sarah J.  Wild and Heart Boutique Owner

My favorite part of the Chasing Waterfalls trip was being able to be in adventurous in Costa Rica, and explore new places. We also felt really safe with Megan and everywhere she took us. And I think if my daughter and I had gone on our own we wouldn't have been as adventurous and explored as much. Surfing, monkeys, time together with other girls. I would highly recommend it for another mom and her daughter!

Angela S. Bend, Oregon

My favorite part was jumping off a cliff with Tree Jenny! and yes, I would go again​!

Olive S. Age 11


I come from a lot of places. Lots of bright, and some shadow, and Costa Rica is where I have always found myself time and time again. I have been spending time in Costa Rica yearly for nearly 20 years, and the Pura Vida lifestyle follows me back home to Canada and calls me back again.


From a pro snowboarding career to beating cancer, reinventing my career space several times, and raising two children as a priority, it often comes down to a couple of things for me: letting gratitude rule my world and finding presence when I can.

With so much disconnect in the world these days I feel the challenge, but I have found the more I practice, and the more I practice with my kids, with friends, and the more I practice this in nature, I tend to find myself in some of the most beautiful places- literally and figuratively. And that's what 'Chasing Waterfalls' is all about for me.


Bringing women together in nature is my thing, spending time in the ocean and the mountains adventuring with my kids is who I am, and I'm honored to hold space for you to come join us and experience the Pura Vida lifestyle with us!

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